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2013-10-14 01:57:43 +0200 answered a question Notebook access from remote computer does not work

I investigated the problem on my mac and found out the following. When Sage starts up, it automatically starts a notebook server process under the Sage process. As long as this process is running, no notebook server can serve out on the local network. (Even with a different port number.)

Signing out on the web browser, quitting the browser, and stoping the server from the Sage menu will not stop this server. (Quitting Sage stops the server, but when you restart Sage, the server is started again.) The only way I found to stop it, is using the mac Activity Monitor app and quitting the python2.7 process under the Sage process.

Then I can type notebook(interface='') and return at the Sage terminal prompt and a server starts that serves the notebook interface out to the local network which can be used through the web browser on another computer. (This notebook server shows up as a python2.7 process under the Terminal process.)

This seems like a bug in the software since there is no way to start a server out to the local network without using other software to modify the running state of the Sage software.

Good luck.

2013-09-25 23:09:15 +0200 commented question Notebook access from remote computer does not work

Thanks, kcrisman, for your comment. I'm using vnc to reach my mac desktop from the iPad until I know enough to serve the Sage notebook out to my local network. It's a little slow, but so am I.

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2013-09-19 23:18:59 +0200 asked a question Notebook access from remote computer does not work

I installed the binary Sage app (Sage 5.11 OS X 10.6) on OS X 10.7.4. When I click on the Sage icon, Sage starts and opens the web browser to URL localhost:8080. There I have access to my Sage notebooks and every thing works fine.

I would like to access the notebook server over my home network using my iPad. To do this, I follow the instructions in the Sage documents. That is, I start a Sage terminal session and at the sage prompt type notebook(interface='') and hit the return button. The Sage app then opens another browser window at localhost:8080. I try to access the notebook server from my iPad, but it says in the web browser window that the server cannot be found.

I tried closing the web browser on the localhost and using the Sage menu option "Stop server" before starting the Sage terminal but nothing results in the notebook being served over the local network.

How can I get the notebook served over my home network?

If you cannot answer my questions, what can I do to trouble shoot the problem?