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2013-03-24 23:53:38 +0100 answered a question keybindings for TinyMCE (the `shift-click`) cell environment

@ppurka: thanks for the answer. Here is text copied from the link he provided:

  • ctrl+z Undo
  • ctrl+y Redo
  • ctrl+b Bold
  • ctrl+i Italic
  • ctrl+u Underline
  • ctrl+1-6 h1-h6
  • ctrl+7 p
  • ctrl+8 div
  • ctrl+9 address

On my Mac it seems like for all of these shortcuts <ctrl> is switched out with <command>.

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2013-03-24 17:25:34 +0100 asked a question keybindings for TinyMCE (the `shift-click`) cell environment

Not quite sure what the special <shift>-<click> cell type is technically called...

My question is: where can I find the keybindings or keyboard shortcuts for that cell environment.

2013-03-24 17:17:27 +0100 asked a question practical documentation for sage; e.g. `%hide` and `%hideall`

I cannot seem to find documentation on %hide and %hideall. It doesn't seem like the reference manual has any information on these two directives/commands, while the built-in command line help system just gives errors for queries like %hide? (perhaps I'm not using the correct syntax?). askSage only has a few postings on this, which are only partially helpful to me.

I guess my general question is: for someone who is still very much a novice to python and sage, how would one go about learning more about specific commands like %hide.

Also, and apologies for smuggling in a second question, how do I unhide a cell in a sage notebook after I've already hidden it with %hide?

2013-03-19 23:51:31 +0100 asked a question attempt at ob-sage.el for org-mode (emacs)

I am a big fan of Sage and of emacs' org-mode. I use org-mode to outline lectures for my students and often need to include evaluatable code inside my org-mode's BEGIN_SRC/END_SRC environment blocks. No problem, I already do this with some languages, such as python and sh, but I'd really like to do it with Sage. Unfortunately, there is no support yet for Sage, i.e. there's no ob-sage.el file.

So I tried making my own ob-sage.el file with some success. I did this by copying the ob-python.el file that came with my emacs installation, renaming it ob-sage.el, and then just doing a query-replace inside, converting every instance of "python" or "py" or "python-mode" into an instance of "sage" or "sage-mode". This works to an extent, but I am not able to get persistent sessions to work. Has anybody attempted this yet? Would anyone like to share their progress?

I would like to upload the ob-sage.el file I have, but I think it is generally regarded as bad netiquette to upload 300 lines of code to a post on a forum like this. What would be the appropriate/best way to share my ob-sage.el file here on asksage?

2013-02-23 19:40:53 +0100 commented question sagenb openid

This answer needs to score a lot higher. I've seen variants of this question asked several times, but this is the only time the reply explicitly stated that the username and password fields are for old non-openID accounts.