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2014-11-16 18:31:07 +0100 answered a question how to run Macaulay2 in sagecloud?

I think this is helpful (see William Stein's response):!msg...

Ways to run Macaulay2 in SageMathCloud:

  1. Create a Sage worksheet and at the top of each cell type "%macaualay2" (see attached screenshot).

  2. Create a Sage worksheet and at the very top type "%default_mode macaulay2" (see attached screenshot).

  3. a. Start a Terminal ("+New--> Terminal") and type M2. Then type "setupEmacs()". Then exit M2.

    b. Start emacs (by typing "emacs" in the terminal) and type "M-x M2" to start Macaulay2 mode. (Here M-x might be "escape" then x... but I assume you know emacs.)

    Note: when using emacs in a terminal, you may need to use Firefox instead of Chrome (or use the SMC app from the Chrome web store), since with Chrome browser several common emacs shortcuts will close the browser window. This mainly impacts non-OS X operating systems.

    -- William

2014-10-11 17:58:43 +0100 answered a question Running python on sage

Actually, I think I answered my own question. It's all of the above together with the fact that one doesn't need to install python extension modules onto your own personal machine.

2014-10-11 17:42:42 +0100 asked a question Running python on sage

I understand that python interfaces with sage but why do some people run a python module on sage? Is it because of memory reasons, graphical availability, etc?


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