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2012-07-25 19:51:33 +0100 answered a question I don't find my Sage files?

Thank you a lot Widmann. Actually I just solved my problem and I am happy! In fact, I copied Sage-5.0 from the broken hard disk to my laptop. Then I just run it and it works!! (i already installed Virtualbox machine on my laptop). That worked so easily!

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2012-07-23 14:31:24 +0100 asked a question I don't find my Sage files?

Hi, I wrote a program which does some computations on SAGE 5.0. I used Virtualbox Manager and my laptop has windows 7. Some days ago, my laptop fell and its hard disk broke. Furtunately, I am able to recover my files (by an external cable connecting the hard disk to a PC). But I couldn't find my program in SAGE. I bought a new hard disk and installed SAGE 5.0 on it. I created a new file test, but I am even not able to see where this file is saved on my laptop. Where are the SAGE files saved on PC? How can I recover or find my file in the broken hard disk?

Thank you for your help!