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How would you plot these data points?

(x=nodes, y=cycles)

the following 3 sets of data points on the same graph:

IZF (color=red): [(0,0),(1,0),(2,0),(3,35),(4,105),(5,252),(6,1260),(7,2910)]
Actual (color=black): [(0,0),(1,0),(2,0),(3,35),(4,105),(5,252),(6,420),(7,360)]
c_adj (color=blue): [(0,0),(1,0),(2,42),(3,210),(4,1302),(5,7770),(6,46662),(7,279930)]

i'm not even sure what type graph would be appropriate, whereby you can see reasonably where each point y is, because my current plots (due to y going up to 279,930) shows the different data points coinciding, i.e. you cant differentiate between the initial datapoints.