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Solve an expression with fractional exponents

I have an expression which, effectively, looks like this:

expr = x == x^(1/3)*y

except y is a really large number of constants. If I wanted to solve this for x, I should get x=y^(3/2). But instead:



[x == x^(1/3)*y]

In the example I gave, it's obviously not a big deal. But for my actual code, y is a very large number of constant factors, and this means copying those factors out by hand, and then re-inputting them in the correct form ( x = (factors)^(3/2) ) which is error prone and time consuming.

I've tried using 0.333 instead of (1/3) in the exponent, that doesn't make a difference.

Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you ahead of time!