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Checking the progress of a calculation

Hi - I pretty much know the answer to this question will be "no", but there are so many smarter-than-me people out there that maybe just maybe one of you will have an idea. (This is not dissimilar from the following thread:; however that was somewhat inconclusive ...)

I am running a large Groebner basis calc (ideal gen'd by 35 quadratic and quartic polys in a polynomial ring in 50 variables: over a small finite field, but still ...) and it has now been running for 3 days with no output. I was wondering whether there was ANY way to "peer inside the machine" and learn some sort of approximate level of progress, essentially to know whether I should leave the thing running, or give up!!

Any ideas would be great (although please phrase them in IT-idiot terminology for me) - thanks a lot.