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Cell server install instructions

I would like to run a sage cell server, and my IT administrator has expressed interest in setting it up on a virtual machine for me. I found instructions for installing the cell server at README.rst from the github repository, but the IT administrator encountered the following problems and gave up:

  • The instrucitons refer to sage 5.0, which is quite old by now, and to a sage notebook patch, which has already been marked as fixed and merged.
  • sagecell-0.9.0.spkg is a broken link and the natural guess at the latest sagecell spkg fails when applying to sage 5.6.

Perhaps I should have read the instructions more closely before forwarding them to him. I've now found the compiled documentation, including the advanced installation instructions.

My administrator is willing to try again if I can find some up-to-date instructions, but I would like to be sure they will work :) Are the advanced installation instructions still accurate (aside from referring to an old version of sage), or do they need to be modified?