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jmol Applet failure in any distro.

I'm trying to run any animation example in the help/tutorial of SAGE and no matter if I run it in VirtualBox or in my Fedora, I get the same error: jmoal Applet #0 is having trouble loading. Will retry once. (and fail again).

I have updated in linux for Java 7 64bits and in Winblows too, the Java runs without problems but I still got the same error.

I have noticed a similar question here and in other forums and no one was able to run jmol (no matter if the Java 7 update x in 32/64 bits).

I really need the animation feature working. I hope someone here have figured out how to SOLVE the problem. I'm trying it hard for days and if I find the solution I'll make it public here.

Thank you for your time.