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desolve_system error "unable to make sense of Maxima expression"

t = var('t')

y = function('y', t)
w = function('w', t)
p = function('p', t)

de1 = diff(y,t) == - 0.5*y - 0.9*p + 0.5*w
de2 = diff(w,t) ==           1.0*p + 0.7*w
de3 = diff(p,t) == + 0.5*y         - 0.3*w

desolve_system([de1, de2, de3], [y,p,w])

The function desolve_system stops with the error:

TypeError: unable to make sense of Maxima expression 'y(t)=ilt((200y(0)?g1090327^2+(-140y(0)+100w(0)-180p(0))?g1090327+60y(0)+54w(0)+226p(0))/(200?g1090327^3-40?g1090327^2+80?g1090327-83),?g1090327,t)' in Sage

Why? Thanks in advance!