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How to reset memory limits

Hi everyone: I am trying to compute the determinant of an 11-by-11 complex matrix on SAGE v5.4 notebook() on a 2010 Mac 4G RAM etc running OS X v10.6.8. I would have thought that that would not be a big deal, but after 30 seconds or so I get a screed of traceback stuff ending with:

"... RuntimeError: ECL says: Memory limit reached. Please jump to an outer pointer, quit program and enlarge the memory limits before executing the program again."

There are no other programs open on the Mac, and the only other things in SAGE memory are 10 other matrices of the same size. In addition I have been having similarly limiting behaviour in all my matrix calcs, also on an HP laptop (using Sage v5.4 on Virtual Machine etc).

Could someone please tell me where I might be going wrong?

Many thanks