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Finding solution to nonlinear equations numerically in a range


this question is probably quite easy to solve. I've got two nonlinear equations with a solution in the range of (0,1). As described in the sage tutorial I tried the following:

var('p t')
eq2 = p==1 - (1 - (1 - (1 - 0.01)^1036)^20)*(1 - t)^(9)
eq1 = t==(2*(1 - 2*p))/((1 - 2*p)*16 + 15*p(1 - (2*p)^1023))
solns = solve([eq1,eq2],t, solution_dict=True)
[[s[t].n(10)] for s in solns]

Unfortunately this doesn't work. In addition I tried find_root, but failed miserably. Any ideas?