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LatexExpr space problem

I am trying to format test in a notebook and I am having problems with the text being run together. The sage code is:

Pintegral_int = 2

Pint_txt_int = "This is a test: " +"P_{integral}= "+str(round(Pintegral_int,6)) \ +", 1/P_{integral}= "+str(round(1/Pintegral_int,6)) \ +"at dB= " +str(round(20*log(Pintegral_int, 10),4)) \ +", 90^{\circ} pulse"+"\mu s"

Pint_txt_int; show(LatexExpr(Pint_txt_int))

image description

The "Thisisatest" is missing the spaces between words. I would appreciate any help on how to solve this problem.