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Symbolic calculations in Parallel inside Sage?

Hello all,

It appears to me that Python has a number of tools to work with multi cores/nodes for parallel calculations: multiprocessing, MPI for Python, parallel Python, Celery, Scoop and etc. (If I am right!). However, right now I am living inside Sage and see the Python world from its sight, and from Sage I see this question asked in the present forum two years before, wherein W.Stein explains that "The Sage roadmap, such as it is, doesn't address parallel computing" and "Check out the multiprocessing module in Python but watch out -- sometimes you really have to understand how certain things in Sage works to safely use it". I am almost new to Sage and don't know really what's going on inside it, and also I have a number (I mean really great number) of functions over which some heavy symbolic calculations (integrations and etc.) are to be applied, however, the calculations on each function is independent of the others, so that I was thinking about now that Sage has both Python and Maxima included in one place maybe I can handle independent tasks of the symbolic world using the paralleling facilities of the Python world?

Is it possible or you may suggest SymPy instead? I already have a code inside Sage so prefer to continue living inside Sage but I just doubt if it is as compatible with Python as might be SymPy (?), also I am not sure if SymPy (which has not reached its first stable release yet) would be as strong in calculations as is Maxima in Sage ?

Any guide would be appreciated,

Best Regards