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Problem showing images

I am quite new to SAGE so I am probably asking something silly but some days of google search did not provide a simple answer to my question. Using instructions from this website I created a small sage program:

from numpy import *
import scipy.ndimage
import matplotlib.image
import matplotlib.pyplot
print 'Image dtype: %s'%(img.dtype)
print 'Image size: %6d'%(img.size)
print 'Image shape: %3dx%3d'%(img.shape[0],img.shape[1])
print 'Max value %1.2f at pixel %6d'%(img.max(),img.argmax())
print 'Min value %1.2f at pixel %6d'%(img.min(),img.argmin())
print 'Variance: %1.5f\nStandard deviation: %1.5f'%(img.var(),img.std())

where dummy.png is an existing PNG image that I loaded into the worksheet. The script works perfectly and I get the required info out of it:

Image dtype: float32
Image size: 17335905
Image shape: 2305x2507
Max value 1.00 at pixel   1767
Min value 0.00 at pixel 2032962
Variance: 0.06310
Standard deviation: 0.25120

now if I want to actually see the picture everything fails. I tried to type:


My final goal was to overlay the image, a photo, with the plot resulting from an analysis to show the accuracy of the prediction. Does anyone know how to do that?

thanks, mcirri