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Problems with SAGE operations

I have defined in SAGE one Elliptic curve, two points: P and P_a and theree integers u1,u2 and n.



P= E(9128294291047160967288425267449898,3015386503039089432053383415473448)

P_a= E(4259903772238643554901244696272038,3809941931717614434052814194698091)




Q = Integer(u1)P+Integer(u2)P_a

v = mod(Q[0],n)

print v

Now i try to calculate the coordinates of a new point Q, and modular n of the first, called v.

Q = Integer(u1)P+Integer(u2)P_a

v = mod(Q[0],n]

The result that i obtained is 49823540439822066091848818, but desired is 2715371088067745779674921

Where is the mistake? I'm going crazy because i don't understand it.

Can you help me? Thank you very much.!!!!!!!