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Notebook errors when compiling Sage from source

Hi, everyone. I've been using the Sage binary on Kubuntu 11.10 and decided to try compiling Sage for better R support. It compiled, but the notebook is not working properly -- it gives me no output. I type in commands, click on "evaluate," and nothing happens, regardless of what the command was. No confirmations, no graphs, no error messages, no nothing. The binary works, but not what I compiled from source.

My system is using the 3.0.0-12-generic kernel, and I have all the packages (build-essential, gfortran, M4, bison) mentioned in the installation guide. I made sure to explicitly set the path to gfortran (export SAGE_FORTRAN=/usr/bin/gfortran). I couldn't find, however, so I couldn't set SAGE_FORTRAN_LIB.

Any suggestions? I appreciate the help given on my last question a while back, and am hoping the Sage community can field this one again.