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contour_plot and figsize issue


I am trying to make contour_plot of function and then get result image with custom size using show and keywork figsize.

The strange thing: this code actually ignores figsize keyword:

x,y = var('x,y')
contour_plot(cos(x^2+y^2), (x, -4, 4), (y, -4, 4)).show(xmin=-4,xmax=4,ymin=-4,ymax=4,figsize=(10,6))

But this one respects:

(point((0,0))+contour_plot(cos(x^2+y^2), (x, -4, 4), (y, -4, 4))).show(xmin=-4,xmax=4,ymin=-4,ymax=4,figsize=(8,2))

How to set figsize for contour_plot properly?