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How to directly copy a file on build?


I'm preparing a patch and I have a shared library for python (let's call it that I need to be installed on build under local/lib/python/site-packages. So, in SAGE_ROOT/devel/sage/sage I created a directory gdir contining and other regular python modules.

The problem is that you need haskell to build, therefore I cannot use the python distutils for that. So I'm forced to have the sage builder to copy it directly to local/lib/python/site-packages. I do this by adding a SConstruct file to gdir and (this is the tricky part) adding a pair of lines to the sage builder (local/bin/sage-build) for it to run scons on gdir and make the copy.

I know that the root of the hg repository is SAGE_ROOT/devel/sage but I changed local/bin/sage-build which is beyond it.

Is there an approved way to deal with this? or could you suggest a neater way to do it?

Thanks in advance