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How do I save .sws files from notebook() on Safari?


I am running SAGE 4.7.2 on a Mac OS X 10.6.8 (local compilation) and using notebook() from within SAGE. I also use SAGE on a Virtual Box installation on Windows 7 on a PC. On the latter I can save copies of my worksheets to my Dropbox etc and then upload them into SAGE on the Mac; however I am incapable of working out how to save them from the Mac so I can back them up/use them on the PC!!

I briefly had a binary version running on the Mac in which it WAS indeed possible to do all this; but I no longer have that option at the top of the notebook() Safari screen. I noticed a thread from earlier this year in which there seemed to be similar problems; but it seems to have fizzled out without resolution.

As a start, where are the .sws files saved locally (if at all)? I have done tons of searches of my local machine and have turned up nothing .... sorry!!

Thanks a lot for any help ...