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Overlaying plots in a specific order

I've got two plots: one is a density plot, one is a list plot. I'd like to combine the plots in such a way that the list plot is overlaid on top of the density plot, so the dots or visible. No matter what I do, it seems that the density plot is always in front and list plot is in back.

This isn't my code, but it appears to have the same behavior:

sage: x_coords = [cos(t)^3 for t in srange(0, 2*pi, 0.02)]
sage: y_coords = [sin(t)^3 for t in srange(0, 2*pi, 0.02)]
sage: h1 = list_plot(zip(x_coords, y_coords))
sage: x,y = var('x,y')
sage: h2 = density_plot(sin(x)*sin(y), (x, -2, 2), (y, -2, 2), cmap='jet')
sage: h1+h2

How can I make the list plot on top (or in general, specify the order of any combined plots)?