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Sage on Windows not working


I installed the VMware player v4.0.0 on Windows XP SP3 and imported sage-4.7.2.ova. I don't see any obvious error messages, so I assume everything is ok. When I try to open the URL http://localhost:8000 in IE v8, I get the error message "Page cannot be opened". If I replace localhost by or (the IP address of the host machine) nothing changes. The command ping at the command prompt is answered as it should, but ping gets no answer showing obviously that nobody is out there to answer the call on port 8000.

I browsed through the contributions on this community board and I understand that the reason for my problem is that the host machine (i.e. my IE browser) and the VMware virtual machine cannot communicate without setting up the correct NAT configuration (as I said this is what I understand and may be completely wrong). I found a contribution listing VMware commands to set up this NAT configuration, but I do not see any way to apply those commands to my VMware player installation. BTW: the VMware player offers a NAT setting in the configuration dialog and this setting is activated, so I'd assume that NAT is already activated and I'd not need any additional NAT configuration.

Can somebody point me to a solution for my problem?

Thank you in advance! Ulrich