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Plotting spherical data

I'd like to know how to plot spherical data in a 3D plot (or to request this feature).

Basically, I have a list of data points in spherical coordinates which represent an antenna pattern. I'd like to plot them and have it look something like this:

My data is only taken every 15 degrees. So I can't do something like this person did:

The reason is that if I create a continuous interpolated function I'd be fabricating data (unless I can re-create a picture like the one above closely).

Ideally a spherical list plot would be ideal, but it seems like the current list plot is only cartesian.

After I successfully get my data plotted, the next steps for my antenna plot viewer would be

1) Make the color map scale set-able (so that multiple antenna plots have colors on the same scale, even if data ranges are different).

2) Make grid-lines visible, like on my picture above.

3) Apply a bicubic interpolation to my data mesh, so it would then look like this (for visual purposes):

4) Make the xyz axes visible, like the pic.

All these seem pretty easy, except maybe #2, if anyone knows how that could be done it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much everyone for working on this software. I look forward to this becoming a great tool for engineers and scientists.