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how to solve a ode systems of size of four?

I want to solve the chemistry reaction rate. Here I got the 4 differential equatiobs.

dE/dt=-k1ES+k2ES+kiES dES/dt=k1ES-kiES-k2ES dS/dt=-k1ES+kiES dP/dt=k2ES

Here is my code?

k1,k2,ki,t=var('k1 k2 ki t') E=function('E',t) ES=function('ES',t) S=function('S',t) P=function('P',t)

des=(diff(E,t)==-k1ES+k2ES+kiES,diff(ES,t)==k1ES-kiES-k2ES diff(S,t)==-k1ES+kiES diff(P,t)==k2ES)


The above is my code. But I just cannot execute it. I am a rookie with this kind of coding style.

Thanks for answering.