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How to recognise DiGraph equivalence

Hi - I am trying to check that a "manual" calculation I did on posets is correct.

my starting point is a Matlab-generated upper-triangular 60x60 adjacency matrix M representing a DiGraph G or P=Poset(G); I have generated a minimal (ie covering relations only) 60x60 adjacency matrix from it in two ways. First by letting SAGE reduce it using PP=P.cover_relations(), and the other by reducing M "manually" in Matlab, then exporting that matrix Q to SAGE and using the same function on it to get it into the same format. I would like to show PP=Q in some sense.

I tried to check equality (==) between the graph objects, and the posets, and the graphs/posets obtained by re-setting the output of the cover_relations function to be a DiGraph all over again, and even setting those things to be adjacency matrices ... but even though I have laboriously checked that the 2 objects ARE indeed the same (by comparing the edges one-by-one), I nevertheless cannot get SAGE to agree!!

The output of the cover_relations function seems to be the sticking point - it is a sort-of matrix but not with any consistent ordering of the edges - hence even though the sets of edges are clearly the same, the different ordering seems to throw the comparison function off.

What am I missing please?