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Writing data to file

This is all in the Sage Notebook:

I want to store some data in a file, Excel or Access or something, because that's what I know. I am using statements like o.write("something" + ", " + "something" + "\r") and I'm doing this in a loop. I'm writing it to a txt file. So, Sage does its thing and there's the little "stuff.txt" link I can click on afterward. I click on it and it looks just how I want it. Then, using Firefox 6.whatever is out these days, I do file save as and save it as stuff.txt. I open it and there are no line breaks at all and the data is pretty much useless. I also tried "\n" and same thing.

I found a sort of solution, because I could use "stuff.csv" instead and it mostly works right. The problem there is, I have data which has commas in it. So, I was hoping to do a .txt file using tab delimited so the commas in the data didn't cause problems. But, the above problem for .txt files exists and I don't know how to fix it.

Oh, also just copying and pasting the data from the file Sage creates (before saving it using Firefox) didn't work today when I had nearly 300,000 lines of data. Excel/Access have the "[Not responding]" message, even though Excel and Access can easily handle 300,000 lines of data. Perhaps it is the clipboard is not big enough for that? I don't know.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!