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Sharing code between worksheets (Windows)

Dear all

I recently read the following question and answers:

The problem is, I use Windows. This answer does not really work for me, though it would be wonderful if I could put all of my custom functions in one worksheet and then reference those in any other worksheet I use. I don't even know where to begin. For one, I don't even have access to the Shell (pardon me if I don't really talk about things properly because I don't really know what I'm talking about). When I start up my Virtual machine for Sage 4.7 in Virtual Box, it opens up a DOS looking window (the Shell, right?) and says a bunch of stuff and when it stops moving, I open up my browser and do http:\localhost:8000 or whatever. If I try to do anything in the Shell, nothing happens. I type stuff, I see my typing. I hit enter, it just does moves the cursor to the next line. Nothing else ever happens. So, all I have access to is the Notebook stuff. And, I've looked all over in that and I don't really know how to save a worksheet as a .py or .sage or whatever other file types are required. I've tried to look around my virtual machine and I have no idea how to access the various directories. I could probably figure it out if the Shell worked, but it doesn't.

Can any one help me at all?