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Using Sage Symbolic Functions in Scipy fsolve

I need to find the roots of a system of multivariate non-linear (algebraic) functions and Sage's solve function is running indefinitely. (Where "indefinitely" means "more than 30 mins".) I only require numerical solutions so I was hoping to use Scipy's fsolve function instead. However, the functions that I'm generating are Sage symbolic functions, which have been mightly convenient to work with, and I'm having trouble getting them into a format that fsolve will understand. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The documentation for Scipy's fsolve can be found here. It looks like a Python function is sufficient.

As a toy example, I've tried the following:

sage: from scipy.optimize import fsolve
sage: var('x,y')
sage: f = x^2 + y^2
sage: def ff(v):
        return f(x=v[0],y=v[0])
sage: fsolve(ff,[1,1])

It seems like the naive approach but I'm receiving the error TypeError: no canonical coercion from <type 'numpy.int64'> to Symbolic Ring. Perhaps this is an issue with Sage properly dealing with Numpy/Scipy data types?