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Jmol in published worksheets

One of my main interests in publishing worksheets was the thought that it would be an easy way to let people interact with 3D diagrams I produced, using Jmol.

But now Jmol is finally working on the flask notebook server, and I've finally published a worksheet there constructing some 3D diagrams, and it seems that the diagrams aren't shown unless one logs in to "Edit" the worksheet. I thought maybe adding "#auto" tags to each cell would help, but alas it did not.

Is there another way to make sure people can use the Jmol 3D diagrams? Or does someone know how to use the Jmol "export" feature to export to a standalone format?

If you want to take a look, the published worksheet is here. For now there's not much explanation, but there are two places where 3D diagrams (moduli spaces of quadrilaterals) are supposed to be drawn: and