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How to test all but a couple files

It's fun and easy to test the Sage library by directory.

./sage -t devel/sage/sage/module_1/

The same is true if you only need to test a couple files.

./sage -t devel/sage/sage/module_1/ devel/sage/sage/module_1/

But it's not so fun and easy to test all but a couple files in a module. Here, I test all but the last file in a module. Imagine $n>4$, and the names not being so easy to write down.

./sage -t devel/sage/sage/module_1/ devel/sage/sage/module_1/ <snip> devel/sage/sage/module_1/

What I want to know is whether there is an easy way to do the above, along the lines of

./sage -t devel/sage/sage/module_1/ -not devel/sage/sage/module_1/

Probably one can write some script asking not to test that, or whatever, but that is too much work, because I'd constantly be writing scripts. Is there any way to massage the arguments to ./sage -t to do this easily?