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Using Sphinx to document a module using Sage

Hi all

I wrote a module using sage (first line : from sage.all import *)

My module contains quite a lot of docstrings with doctests that I want to be exported in html.

Following the documentation of Sphinx, I can create the source directory, but make html does not work :

"No module named sage.all"

Well. I understand why, but I don't see how to get further. The Sage's documentation says how to sphinxify one docstring, but what I want is a html file with all my doctrings, that is, as far as I understood, the result of that :

.. automodule:: mymodule

I'm sure that it is possible : the whole documentation of Sage itself is made like that :)

In one word, I want to do "docstrings of my module -> html". Any help is accepted

Thanks Laurent