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Notebook improvements

Hello! I would like to add some features to the notebook server technology in order to improve readability, so that such pages can be published as HTML pages in a collection of tutorials.

My aim is to create a web page that in addition to the present input box and evaluate button contains the following features:

HTML input to the page.

Of course, I know, it is possible to enter html in that inputbox and display it on the page, but that the input box remains visible is disturbing.

Input of MATHml

Similar to HTML input the page should only display the formula not, not the input box any more

Input of graphics

Same thing. Either graphis created by sage or external graphics linked in without the input box visible.

Structured text

Hide and show paragraphs and sub-paragraphs.

HTML export

First as simple HTML without graphics. Later on I would include graphics.

The Way I want to realize these features is mostly by adding some Javascript to the template page that is sent out by the notebook server. HTML export is not possible to my knowledge without some enhancements ath the server.

Best regards K