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Importing saved 3d plot

Hi everyone,

I generated a bunch of 3d plots to produce an animation and I saved them both as png and sobj files, because I wanted to keep the objects for later manipulations. However, when loading back an sobj file, I find them to be unusable. More precesily,

p=plot3d(lambda x1,y1: h(t0,x1,y1), (-5,5),(-5,5),plot_points=100); #t0 fixed and h(t,x,y) a procedure'bump003.sobj');'bump003.png');
a = load('bump003.sobj');;

returns the error

NotImplementedError: You must override the get_grid method.

while the png image files get correctly generated.

There is no mention of this kind of error in the Plot3D doc, except for parametric surfaces

where it is mentioned that get___grid should indeed be overriden for subclasses of parametric_surface. Any idea why this error shows up only after importing the object ?

Many thanks, Benhuard