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Is it possible to get implicitly multiplied output?

With implicit_multiplication(True), we can enter expressions using spaces instead of * to separate multiplied subexpressions:

sage: var('x, y, z') sage: implicit_multiplication(True) sage: 3 x^4 y + 2 z sin(x z 3 y) - 3 y^2 3*x^4*y - 3*y^2 + 2*z*sin(3*x*y*z)

This works similarly for polynomials.

Is it possible to set (or implement practically) an option that automatically postparses output to use implicit multiplication? For example,

sage: R.<a,b,c> = QQ[]; R Multivariate Polynomial Ring in a, b, c over Rational Field sage: implicit_multiplication_output(True) sage: R.random_element() 1/7 a b - 1/4 a c - c^2 + c