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Strange problem with Solve function

I am running into a strange issue when trying to solve an equation, which seems pretty simple to solve. When I ask SAGE preform

solve(1630*x^3 + 2991*x^2 + 1628*x + 1==0, x)

Everything goes fine, and it gives me the roots of the equation. However, when I ask it to do the same for a larger equation, I get this:

solve(1953125*x^5 + 6793750*x^4 + 5942255*x^3 + 8749866*x^2 + 5857878*x + 1==0, x)

and the result is:

[0 == 1953125*x^5 + 6793750*x^4 + 5942255*x^3 + 8749866*x^2 + 5857878*x + 1]

And I do not understand why. I even checked using WolframAlpha, and the issue is not that this equation has no roots. Indeed, WolframAlpha was able to solve this equation with no issues.

What is the issue here? What am I missing?