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Failing to install database polytopes_db_4d

Sagemath 9.4 installed on Fedora 35 (VMware 16.2.2 virtual on top of Win10) using sudo yum install sagemath. Thinkpad E540. Already post-installed a number of things by hand successfully. Failed to install the following database from shell:

% sage -i polytopes_db_4d /usr/lib64/sagemath/local/bin/sage: line 857: /usr/lib64/sagemath/build/bin/sage-site: No such file or directory

% sage -optional /usr/lib64/sagemath/local/bin/sage: line 857: /usr/lib64/sagemath/build/bin/sage-site: No such file or directory

From sage: sage: from sage.geometry.polyhedron.palp_database import Reflexive4dHodge sage: ref = Reflexive4dHodge(1, 101) .... ValueError: Cannot find PALP database: /usr/share/sagemath/reflexive_polytopes/Hodge4d/all.vinfo. Did you install the polytopes_db_4d optional spkg?