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Power Series Ring over p-adics: TypeError: unhashable

I'm trying to construct a power series with coefficients in an Eisenstein extension of Qq, the unramified extension of the p-adic rationals. The following code works when a=1, but when a=2, I get the error: "TypeError: unhashable type: 'sage.rings.padics.qadic_flint_CR.qAdicCappedRelativeElement'".

p = 3
a = 2

ZZq.<xi> = Qq(p^a)
R.<x_pi> = ZZq[]
Zpi.<pi> = QuotientRing(R, R.ideal(x_pi^(p-1)+p))
L.<x> = PowerSeriesRing(Zpi)

Does anyone know a way to fix this for a>1?

Thank you!