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RecursionError long lists

I am working with long lists, and getting the error "RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison". The maximum recursion limit is 3000, if I try increasing it the kernel dies. My first list has only about 10,000 elements, representing 5 dimensional simplices. There are 6 different "face maps" I want to apply to each element in the list. If a face map applied to an element of the list is not in my list of 4 dimensional simplices, I want to append it to my list of 4 dimensional simplices. The list of 4 dimensional simplices has length nearly 6 times that of my list of 5 dimensional simplices. Similarly when generating the list of 3 dimensional simplices, this will have length nearly 30,000. Etc. down to the list of 1 dimensional simplices. The numbers don't quite increase multiplicatively, as there are identifications, but the numbers are big enough that I would really rather not compute in steps of 3000. Is there any way around this? The manipulations I want to do to the lists aren't computation intensive, I don't understand why this is such a problem.