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alternative to jupyter notebook?

I have a number of problems using Jupyter notebook, windows 10. When my .ipynb file reaches a certain length, sage basically grinds to a halt, and I need to start a new file. When doing a long calculation, where each bit needs the calculations from the previous part, this isn't practical. Also, when I "save" an .ipynb file, the actual calculations aren't saved, and each file takes about half a day to go through and recalculate everything again. I have about 5 files now, and the power keeps flickering on and off briefly... Also, it happens constantly that sage won't let me type anything in. This can last for up to 10 minutes at a time, and seems to have something to do with the way the file is saved. I haven't even reached the final part of my calculation, which is the part I expect to be the slowest by far. My husband tells me to stop messing around with windows and learn Linux. Any other suggestions? Thanks very much!