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cell complexes vs simplicial complexes

I have spent several days googling, but am not able to find any basic information for working with cell complexes in sage. I am using windows 10 , sage 9.1 where the help function doesn't work.

What I need to be able to do is to enter a cell complex, add cells, delete cells and subdivide. I already have functions defined that could be used to specify the gluing maps. There seems to be slightly more information available for working with simplicial complexes. If I were to subdivide my cell complex, I would get a simplicial complex; there are no exotic gluing maps. However, because the cells are high dimensional, the number of simplicies is huge after subdivision, and I am not sure I could correctly enter all that information by hand. Any suggestions would be very appreciated! If anyone has a file to share in which they have worked with cell complexes or simplicial complexes, that would also be really helpful to me to learn the syntax.