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Preparser not working if cell starts with a comment

Some of my code stopped working after I upgraded from version 9.0 to 9.3beta4. I tracked it to the following bug:

sage: preparse('1 # Comment \n 1.5^2')
"Integer(1) # Comment \n RealNumber('1.5')**Integer(2)"

sage: preparse('# Comment \n 1.5^2')
'# Comment \n 1.5^2'

The code is not getting preparsed if it starts with a comment. In practice it looks like this:

image description

This seems like a big issue, and I would be surprised if it went unnoticed until now. Could it be caused by my Sage installation? (Compiled from source on WSL2 Ubuntu 20.04, which is not officially supported, but I didn't notice anything weird).
Can someone try this?