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row of multiple selection checkboxes

I would like to have the multiple selection checkboxes below in a row instead of a column. I did search around and didn't come up with anything obvious. As well as knowing how to do it; what resource should I have looked at?
I am putting together anatomical diagrams of the Kerr_Schild metric.

@interact def _(red_ring =('red ring', True),
  black_ring =('black ring',False),
  green_ring = ('green ring',False)
  a = sphere((1,0,0),0.2)
  if red_ring:
    a += circle((0,0,0), 2, color='red', thickness=6)
  if black_ring:
    a += circle((0,0,0), .4, color='black', thickness=6)
  if green_ring:
    a += circle((0,0,0), .7, color='green', thickness=6)