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Strategies for plotting graphs with many vertices

I've found that sage is good at drawing small graphs, but becomes decreasingly useful for visualizing your graph as the number of vertices increases. This is doubly true if you want to label your vertices. Oftentimes I feel like this is due to sage trying to keep the graph image somewhat small, and I would be happy to trade an image with large xy dimensions in exchange for more spread out vertices, which will give the labels room to be legible.

I know that sage will let you manually choose where the vertices go, but often I am drawing graphs to try to visualize things quickly to develop conjectures, and it is more important that I be able to go through lots of examples than it is to have each one perfect.

Does anyone know of a way to get sage to spread the vertices out more aggressively, and generally to get it to plot graphs with ~50 nodes while maintaining legibility? I'm aware there was a question about a similar topic here (apparently I don't have enough karma to post links: /question/9305/strategies-for-drawing-good-graphs-graph-theory/), but seeing as that was 8 years ago, it seems reasonable that there may have been some developments.

Thanks in advance ^_^