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Concatenation of symbolic vectors.


NB_0=vector(var('x', n=3, latex_name='x'))
B_0=vector(var('y', n=4, latex_name='ϵ'))
show(LatexExpr(r"NB_0 =" + latex(NB_0)),LatexExpr(r"\, \text{ et }\, B_0 =" + latex(B_0)))

gives me two vectors.

But I need to concatenate them -- i.e. to create a vector $V1= [x_1, x_2, x_3, x_4, \epsilon_1, \epsilon_2, \epsilon_3, b]$ (I need the $b$) and $V2= [\epsilon_1, \epsilon_2, \epsilon_3, z]$ (I need the $z$). And when I call them in a table I want to create I need the Latex names not the sagemath one. How could I do ?