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Timing : are hurwitz_zeta values cached?

Dear all, It seems the values of hurwitz_zeta are cached in some way. This makes sense, but I couldn't find documentation on that issue, and in particular, on how to clear the cache: I want to time several instances of a script and need to start afresh each time. Here is an ECM:

import sys
from timeit import default_timer as timer
def ECM(prec):
    start, CF = timer(), ComplexField(prec)
    hurwitz_zeta(s = CF(2), x = CF(0.5)) 
    end = timer()    
return end-start

for i in range(0,20):


Then start afresh, get a similar answer. I am pretty sure this system-caching mechanism is explained somewhere but my morning queries drew a blank --

Pointers would be appreciated! Best, Olivier