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nearby algebraic number / convert polynomial type to expression type

Given a real number, I am trying to find a nearby algebraic number. This can be done in Mathematica with the RootApproximant function.

I couldn't find a similar function in Sage, so I am using algdep() to find an irreducible polynomial that is approximately satisfied by that number. Then I am using roots() to find the roots of that polynomial, and I can identify which root is closest to my number.

The problem is that the output of algdep() has a type that seems to be incompatible with roots().

When I execute this code, p.roots() returns an empty list:

p=algdep(sqrt(5), 10);

When I execute this code, a list of the roots is returned:

q = x^2 - 5

The output of algdep() has type sage.rings.polynomial.polynomial_integer_dense_flint.Polynomial_integer_dense_flint

In the second block of code, q has type sage.symbolic.expression.Expression

Is there a way to convert the first type into the Expression type?