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t == -1/2*(2/45*I*sqrt(4613)*sqrt(3) - 82/5)^(1/3)*(I*sqrt(3) + 1) + 1/3*(10*I*sqrt(3) - 10)/(2/45*I*sqrt(4613)*sqrt(3) - 82/5)^(1/3)

t == -1/2(2/45Isqrt(4613)sqrt(3) - 82/5)^(1/3)(Isqrt(3) + 1) + 1/3(10Isqrt(3) - 10)/(2/45Isqrt(4613)sqrt(3) - 82/5)^(1/3)

This is an example of solution(s) I am getting when solving equations. I am not mathematician and I do not know what these numbers means. Can you please tell me if there is way to 'ask' program to deliver results in a way that mortals can understand it. Please help. Thank you