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Cannot install packages on WSL

I am using Windows 10 have tried to use sage via WSL. I can open sage via Ubuntu. However, I cannot install gap_packages as "sage -i" is not in the commands available. Can anyone tell me how to get sage -i to work, or is there any other way to install this package.

SageMath version 9.0, Release Date: 2020-01-01

Optional arguments: file.[sage|py|spyx] -- run given .sage, .py or .spyx file -advanced -- list all command line options -c <cmd> -- Evaluates cmd as sage code -gap [...] -- run Sage's Gap with given arguments -gp [...] -- run Sage's PARI/GP calculator with given arguments -h, -? -- print this help message -inotebook [...] -- start the insecure Sage notebook (deprecated) -maxima [...] -- run Sage's Maxima with given arguments -mwrank [...] -- run Sage's mwrank with given arguments --notebook=[...] -- start the Sage notebook (valid options are 'default', 'sagenb', 'jupyter', and 'export') Current default is 'export' from sagenb to jupyter -n, --notebook -- shortcut for --notebook=default -python [...] -- run the Python interpreter -python2 [...] -- run the Python 2 interpreter -python3 [...] -- run the Python 3 interpreter -R [...] -- run Sage's R with given arguments -singular [...] -- run Sage's singular with given arguments -sqlite3 [...] -- run Sage's sqlite3 with given arguments -root -- print the Sage root directory --nodotsage -- run Sage without using the user's .sage directory: create and use a temporary .sage directory instead -t [options] <--all|files|dir> -- test examples in .py, .pyx, .sage, .tex or .rst files selected options: --long - include lines with the phrase 'long time' --verbose - print debugging output during the test --optional - controls which optional tests are run --sagenb - test all sagenb files --help - show all testing options -v, -version -- display Sage version information