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Hi all,

I want to store and manipulate arrays of $n\times n\times n$ numbers $$x_{ijk}\quad\text{where}\quad 0\leq i, j, k\leq n-1$$ with Sage.

Here is what I have been doing so far:

import numpy as np

n = 7

X = np.zeros((n, n, n))

X[2][4][1] = 17


Remark: So $X$ is a so called 3-hypermatrix.

Question: Are NumPy arrays my best option when handling hypermatrices with Sage?

Precision: I will need to manipulate lists of such hypermatrices, and even hypermatrices whose elements will be hypermatrices, e.g. $$X_{ijk}^{(abcd)}$$ and loop over such lists, e.g. for a ..., for b ..., for c ..., do ... with the 3-hypermatrix $X^{(abcd)}$.