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Problems with plot

In the following code

var("b, p, w")

b=1 # pouvoir de monopole

p=0.5 # probabilité qu'il ne se produise rien

w0=8 # richesse initiale

x=2 #taille du risqe

T1=text("$Loteries$ $inaccesibles$",(3.5,9.5),color="red", fontsize='small')

T2=text("$W_2$",(-.5,10),color="black", fontsize='small')

T3=text("$W_1$",(10,-.5),color="black", fontsize='small')

T4=text("$Ligne $ de $ $certitude$?",(9,9))

pol=polygon([(0,0), (0,10), (10,10), (0,0)], fill=True, rgbcolor=(0.81,0.81,0.81),ticks=[[], []])

inslin=plot(((b(1-p)-1)/(b(1-p))),(0, 10),color="green",ymin=0,ymax=10)

Lc=line([(0,0), (10,10)], color="black")

L1=line([(8,0), (8,2), (0,2)], linestyle="--")

L2=line([(8,2), (8,8),(0,8)], linestyle="--")

T4=text("$W_0$",(8,-.5),color="black", fontsize='small')

T5=text("$W_0$",(-.5, 8),color="black", fontsize='small')

T6=text("$W_0-x$",(-.75, 2),color="black", fontsize='small')

c=circle((8,2), .075, fill=True, edgecolor='red', facecolor='red')


I wonder

1) whyT4 is not displayed and 2) why inslin is displayed as a horizontal line.

I wonder also if it is possible to write labels, comments ... directly in LaTeX, and if it is possible to rotate T4 and write it on two lines (I have tried align as in an already asked question but it seems not to work.